Solidarity in times of crisis
Socio-economic change and political orientations in Austria and Hungary


is a joint research project of 

Project description

The recent economic crisis has severely affected the living and working conditions of citizens all over Europe, leading to high levels of insecurity and declining trust in public institutions. The project aims at investigating the impact of the intensified socio-economic change following the recent economic crisis on political orientations. How did working and living conditions changed after the crisis? How do individuals perceive changes in society in recent years? How do those changes affect individual perceptions, social cohesion and political orientations?


The project focuses on the symbolic struggles between different formations of solidarity. It is assumed that solidarity, social cohesion and the question who should be supported are dynamic configurations with a continuous struggle over the boundaries of the solidarity community.

The project focuses on Austria and Hungary, which provide the unique opportunity to investigate two countries with similar political developments, yet affected by the crisis very differently. Using methodological triangulation of quantitative and qualitative data, SOCRIS will provide a deeper understanding of the complex relationships between societal change and political subjectivity.


Duration: October 2016 and September 2019


Funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF, I 2698-G27), and

National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NKFIA, ANN_2016/1, 120360)

28 February, 2019

Carina Altreiter, Saskja Schindler, Jörg Flecker:

Formations of solidarity in Austria. Between nationalism and universalism.

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Call for special stream ​​

The project team is organising a special stream for the International Labour Process Conference 2019 held in Vienna. The title of the conference is 
Fragmentations and Solidarities.
Date: 24–26 April 2019.
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New publication

Jörg, Flecker – Gudrun, Hentges – Grajczjár, István – Carina, Altreiter – Saskja, Schindler (2019) 

Extreme und populistische Rechtsparteien und die soziale Frage in Europa: Ein Überblick über Frankreich, Österreich, Ungarn und die Niederlande

WSI-MITTEILUNGEN 18:3 pp. 212-219. Paper: 8, 8 p., 2019,

New publication

Grajczjár, István – Nagy, Zsófia – Örkény, Antal (2019)

Different types of solidarity in times of crises: a changing European landscape.


University of Vienna, Department of Sociology