The team

The Austrian team

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jörg Flecker

Jörg is the project leader of the Austrian SOCRIS research team. He is a full professor of sociology and head of the sociology department at the University of Vienna (Austria). Before, he was scientific director of the working life research institute FORBA in Vienna. His main research interests include changes in work, transnationalisation, employment relations, and the political extreme right. He coordinated the European project ‘Socio-economic change, individual reactions and the appeal of the extreme right’ (SIREN, 2001-2004) and edited ‘Changing Working Life and the Appeal of the Extreme Right’, Ashgate 2007.

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Mail: joerg.flecker[at]

Dr. Carina Altreiter

Carina is a researcher in the SOCRIS team at the Department of Sociology at the University of Vienna (Austria). Her research covers work and employment, social inequalities and social change. Recent publications cover class relations, working-time, transnational labour mobility and social policy research. In her PhD project she dealt with the influences of social class on the working life of young industrial blue-collar workers.

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Mail: carina.altreiter[at]

Dr. Ulrike Papouschek

Ulrike is a senior researcher at the Working Life Research Center (FORBA) in Vienna. Her research interest cover work, employment and gender, precarious work, poverty and social inclusion and person-oriented service work (with a particular emphasis on care and health work). She was part of the FP-5 research project SIREN and has gathered extensive knowledge in national and international research projects.

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Mail: papouschek[at]

Dr. Saskja Schindler

Saskja is a researcher in the SOCRIS team at the department of sociology at the University of Vienna (Austria). Her research interests include sociology of work and industrial relations, social inequality and political sociology. In her PhD project she dealt with temporary agency work and its meaning for staff relations in Austria.

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Mail: saskja.schindler[at]

Dr. Annika Schönauer

Annika is a senior researcher at the Working Life Research Center (FORBA) in Vienna. Her research interests cover digitalisation of work, working-time flexibility, service sector work, working conditions and health.

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Mail: schoenauer[at]

The Hungarian team

Dr. István Grajczjár

István is the project leader of the Hungarian team. He is a college professor at Milton Friedman University in Budapest, Hungary and since 2012 a guest professor at the University of
Vienna, Austria. His main professional research fields are the impacts of socio-economic and political crises and changes on the labour market and on social inequalities in European societies, as well as the research of reasons of the appeal and rising of right-wing populist and extremist parties in Europe. He collaborated with Jörg Flecker and Ulrike Papouschek in the European SIREN project and is an expert in quantitative methods having acted as analyst of different rounds of ESS and ISSP databases.
Mail: grajczjar.istvan[at] or 

Dr. Antal Örkény

Antal is a senior researcher in the team. He is professor of sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest. He is the director of the Institute for Social Relations including three departments (Minority Studies, Social Psychology, Cultural Anthropology), from 2011 he is heading the Post Graduate (PhD) Program in social sciences at ELTE, and a visiting Professor at the CEU. As civic engagement, he is the president of the Menedék – Hungarian Association for Migrants. His major research fields are cross-national surveys method, popular perceptions of social justice, national identity and national stereotypes, Roma minority and prejudice against Roma, border identity, inter-ethnic relations in the Carpathian Basin, international migration and xenophobia, integration strategies in different migrant groups.

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Mail: orkeny[at]

Zsuzsanna Ádám

Zsuzsanna is an andragogist and sociologist,
currently working on her PhD thesis at Eötvös Loránd University in the field of sociology.
Her research interests cover social inequalities and their legitimation, international comparative
research methods and international measurement of social status and group based socio-psychological theories. She currently researches the level of system-justification in the Hungarian society. She is a trained project manager (PMBOK), and has advanced skills in using Tableau, SPSS and Microsoft Project Professional softwares.
Mail: adamzsuzsi[at]

Zsófia Nagy

Zsófia holds a degree in sociology and social anthropology, and is an assistant professor at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest Department of Social Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences. In the recent years, her main research field concerns social movements, with a dual focus: the relationship between social movements and solidarity (movements that emerged as a response to the so-called „refugee crisis”) and the mediatized nature of social movements (their position in a mediatized opportunity structure). She is presently carrying out fieldwork in Hungary and Greece. In the past, her research fields included the sociology of death and grief, with a special focus on obituaries and their relationship to social memory; social trust and its evolution in Hungary. She is currently a PhD-student at the Doctoral School of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences.
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Mail: zsofia.nagy[at]

Project advisory board

Dr. Gudrun Hentges

Professor of Political Science at Fulda University (Germany)

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Dr. Hans de Witte

Professor of Work Psychology at the Department of Psychology at the K.U. Leuven (Belgium)

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Dr. Manuela Caiani

Associate Professor at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa (Italy)

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Dr. Dietmar Loch

Professor of Sociology at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Lille (France)

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